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Tabulka `quest_template`

Obsahuje všechny základní definice dostupných questů (výprav).


Pole Typ Null Key Výchozí hodnota Extra
entry int(10) unsigned NE PRI 0
Method tinyint(3) NE 2
ZoneOrSort smallint(6) NE 0
SkillOrClass smallint(6) NE 0
MinLevel tinyint(3) unsigned NE 0
QuestLevel tinyint(3) unsigned NE 0
Type smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RequiredRaces smallint(5) NE 0
RequiredSkillValue smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RepObjectiveFaction smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RepObjectiveValue mediumint(9) NE 0
RequiredMinRepFaction mediumint(5) unsigned NE 0
RequiredMinRepValue mediumint(9) NE 0
RequiredMaxRepFaction mediumint(5) unsigned NE 0
RequiredMaxRepValue mediumint(9) NE 0
SuggestedPlayers mediumint(3) unsigned NE 0
LimitTime int(10) NE 0
QuestFlags smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
SpecialFlags tinyint(3) unsigned NE 0
CharTitleId tinyint(3) unsigned NE 0
PlayersSlain tinyint(3) unsigned NE 0
BonusTalents tinyint(3) unsigned NE 0
PrevQuestId mediumint(9) NE 0
NextQuestId mediumint(9) NE 0
ExclusiveGroup mediumint(9) NE 0
NextQuestInChain mediumint(8) NE 0
RewXPId tinyint(3) NE 0
SrcItemId mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
SrcItemCount tinyint(3) NE 0
SrcSpell mediumint(8) NE 0
Title text ANO
Details text ANO
Objectives text ANO
OfferRewardText text ANO
RequestItemsText text ANO
EndText text ANO
ObjectiveText1 text ANO
ObjectiveText2 text ANO
ObjectiveText3 text ANO
ObjectiveText4 text ANO
ReqItemId1 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
ReqItemId2 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
ReqItemId3 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
ReqItemId4 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
ReqItemCount1 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
ReqItemCount2 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
ReqItemCount3 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
ReqItemCount4 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
ReqSourceId1 mediumint(8) NE 0
ReqSourceId2 mediumint(8) NE 0
ReqSourceId3 mediumint(8) NE 0
ReqSourceId4 mediumint(8) NE 0
ReqSourceCount1 smallint(5) NE 0
ReqSourceCount2 smallint(5) NE 0
ReqSourceCount3 smallint(5) NE 0
ReqSourceCount4 smallint(5) NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOId1 mediumint(9) NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOId2 mediumint(9) NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOId3 mediumint(9) NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOId4 mediumint(9) NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOCount1 int(10) unsigned NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOCount2 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOCount3 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
ReqCreatureOrGOCount4 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
ReqSpellCast1 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
ReqSpellCast2 mediumint(8) NE 0
ReqSpellCast3 mediumint(8) NE 0
ReqSpellCast4 mediumint(8) NE 0
RewChoiceItemId1 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemId2 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemId3 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemId4 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemId5 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemId6 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemCount1 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemCount2 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemCount3 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemCount4 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemCount5 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewChoiceItemCount6 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewItemId1 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewItemId2 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewItemId3 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewItemId4 mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewItemCount1 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewItemCount2 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewItemCount3 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewItemCount4 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
RewRepFaction1 smallint(5) NE 0
RewRepFaction2 smallint(5) NE 0
RewRepFaction3 smallint(5) NE 0
RewRepFaction4 smallint(5) NE 0
RewRepFaction5 smallint(5) NE 0
RewRepValue1 mediumint(9) NE 0
RewRepValue2 mediumint(9) NE 0
RewRepValue3 mediumint(9) NE 0
RewRepValue4 mediumint(9) NE 0
RewRepValue5 mediumint(9) NE 0
RewHonorableKills int(11) NE 0
RewOrReqMoney int(11) NE 0
RewMoneyMaxLevel int(10) unsigned NE 0
RewSpell mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewSpellCast mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewMailTemplateId mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
RewMailDelaySecs int(11) unsigned NE 0
PointMapId smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
PointX float NE 0
PointY float NE 0
PointOpt mediumint(8) NE
DetailsEmote1 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
DetailsEmote2 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
DetailsEmote3 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
DetailsEmote4 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
IncompleteEmote smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
CompleteEmote smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
OfferRewardEmote1 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
OfferRewardEmote2 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
OfferRewardEmote3 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
OfferRewardEmote4 smallint(5) unsigned NE 0
StartScript mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0
CompleteScript mediumint(8) unsigned NE 0

Popis polí tabulky


Quest ID. Toto pole slouží jako primární klíč tabulky. Každé Quest ID musí být unikátní!


Možné hodnoty: 0, 1 nebo 2. Pokud je hodnota 0, quest je automaticky dokončen (přeskočí úkoly/detaily).
1 = daily (jednou za den) ???
2 = weekly (jednou za týden) ???


Toto pole definuje, do jaké kategorie spadá quest v quest logu.
Jestli je hodnota > 0, pak tato hodnota je ID Zony podle souboru AreaTable.dbc.
Jestli je hodnota < 0, pak (-hodnota) je quest sort id: (in general profession or class quests. Also see RequiredSkillValue ) Value is ID from QuestSort.dbc. QuestSort.dbc


This field defines any specific skill or class requirements for the quest to be available for a character.
If value > 0 then value is a skill ID (see SkillLine.dbc)
If value < 0 then (-value) is class ID (see ChrClasses.dbc)


Minimální level(úroveň) postavy, potřebný k získání questu.


Level(úroveň) questu. Hráč získá plný počet 'experience' pouze za předpokladu, že level jeho postavy je nižší nebo stejný jako QuestLevel+5.


Tyto hodnoty jsou ID, získaná z DBC souboru QuestInfo.dbc. Šablona:QuestInfo.dbc


Races required to get the quest. 0 means available for all races. Field's value is a decimal value that must be transform to a 8 bits binary in order to be understandable. In binary form, each different bit represent a different race. They're assigned as follow :

Races: These values are 2^ID taken from ChrRaces.dbc

Bit ID Jméno
1 1 Human
2 2 Orc
4 3 Dwarf
8 4 Night Elf
16 5 Undead
32 6 Tauren
64 7 Gnome
128 8 Troll
512 10 Blood Elf
1024 11 Draenei

Příklady: 0,1791 = All Races
690 (2 + 16 + 32 + 128 + 512) = Horde Quest
1101 (1 + 4 + 8 + 64 + 1024) = Alliance Quest


Player skill value requirement for skill if in ZoneOrSort field < 0 and have some from skill related values.


Faction ID for an objective to achieve a certain reputation value with. See Faction.dbc


Reputation value that the player must achieve with the faction in RepObjectiveFaction as part of the quest objectives.


Faction ID for reputation requirement. See Faction.dbc


Players must have this reputation or higher in order to receive the quest. Reputation


The Faction ID for the faction that controls the maximum reputation value that the player can have and still get the quest. See Faction.dbc


The maximum reputation value that the player can have with a faction and still get the quest. If the player has more reputation than the value in this field, the quest will not be able to be taken anymore. Reputation


Info about how many players should do unite for the quest.


Time in seconds that the player has to complete this quest.


This flag field defines more specifically the type of quest it is. Aside from the daily flag and sharable flag, this field is used just for grouping purposes and NOT for any other quest requirements. The quest requirements are calculated from non-zero values in other quest template fields. Also, while some of these flags are known, others have yet an unknown purpose and the comments below is simply guesswork on them.

At the moment (rev 6055), the core does not actually handle these flags any differently (again, except for the daily flag and the sharable flag).

Bit Name Comments
0 QUEST_FLAGS_NONE No flags, so no groups assigned to this quest.
1 QUEST_FLAGS_STAY_ALIVE If the player dies, the quest is failed. (?)
2 QUEST_FLAGS_EVENT Escort quests or any other event-driven quests. If player in party, all players that can accept this quest will receive confirmation box to accept quest.
4 QUEST_FLAGS_EXPLORATION Involves the activation of an areatrigger.
8 QUEST_FLAGS_SHARABLE Allows the quest to be shared with other players.
16 QUEST_FLAGS_NONE2 Unknown at this time and not used.
32 QUEST_FLAGS_EPIC Epic class quests (hunter) (??)
64 QUEST_FLAGS_RAID Raid or similiar player group needed for quest.
128 QUEST_FLAGS_TBC Added with or after TBC.
256 QUEST_FLAGS_UNK2 Quest needs extra non-objective items dropped (eg. ReqSourceID fields) (?)
512 QUEST_FLAGS_HIDDEN_REWARDS Item and monetary rewards are hidden in the initial quest details page and in the quest log but will appear once ready to be rewarded.
1024 QUEST_FLAGS_UNK4 Unknown at this time.
2048 QUEST_FLAGS_TBC_RACES Blood elf/draenei starting zone quests.
4096 QUEST_FLAGS_DAILY Daily repeatable quests (only flag that the core applies specific behavior for)
8192 QUEST_FLAGS_UNK5 Grizzly Hills PvP daily? Puts PvP-tag on? No idea.)

Like all flag based fields, QuestFlags can be added for the different types of quest.


This field is a bitmask and controls only two extra requirements and has only 4 possible values.

  • 0: No extra requirements
  • 1: Makes the quest repeatable.
  • 2: Makes the quest only completable by some external event (an entry in `areatrigger_involvedrelation`, spell effect quest complete or an entry in `spell_scripts` with command 7 as some examples)
  • 3: Both repeatable and completable only through an external event


The title the character will receive upon completion of the quest. See CharTitles.dbc




if value > 0: Contains the previous quest id, that must be completed before this quest can be started.
If value < 0: Contains the parent quest id, that must be active before this quest can be started.
See the examples section for examples.


If value > 0: Contains the next quest id, if PrevQuestId of that quest is not sufficient.
If value < 0: Contains the sub quest id, if PrevQuestId of that quest is not sufficient. If quest have many alternative next quests (class specific quests lead from single not class specific quest) field PrevQuestId in next quests can used for setting this dependence.
See the examples section for examples.


if ExclusiveGroup > 0
Allows to define a group of quests of which only one may be chosen and completed.
E.g. if from quests 1200, 1201 and 1202 only one should be allowed to be chosen, insert 1200 into ExclusiveGroup of all 3 quests.
if ExclusiveGroup < 0
Allows to define a group of quests of which all must be completed and rewarded to start next quest.
E.g. if quest 1000 dependent from one of quests 1200, 1201 and 1202 and all this quests have same negative exclusive group then all this quest must be completed and rewarded before quest 1000 can be started.
See the examples section for examples.


The quest entry from a creature or gameobject that ends a quest and starts a new one. The result is, that if you end the quest, the new quest instantly appears from the quest giver.
See the examples section for examples.


This field controls the experience given at the end of a quest. Its values are taken from QuestXP.dbc; The ID ranges from 1 to 11 and the amount of xp given depends on the quest's level.


Item's ID given by the quest giver at beginning of the quest.
Items will be deleted when quest is abandoned.


Amount of items given.


Spell casted on player when quest is started. Can be a buff or a learning spell.


Title of the quest.


The quest text. You can use certain placeholders that will be filled in in-game: $B - line break, $N - name, $R - race, $C - class, $Gmale:female; (male and female can be replace with any synonymn you want, but the order must stay the same. IE: boy:girl / man:woman / sir:madam / dude:chick)


Objectives of the quest.
If empty, quest is an auto-complete quest that can be immediately finished without accepting it first.


First text send to the player by the NPC when completing the quest. You can use certain placeholders that will be filled in in-game: $B - line break, $N - name, $R - race, $C - class, $Gmale:female; (male and female can be replace with any synonymn you want, but the order must stay the same. IE: boy:girl / man:woman / sir:madam / dude:chick)


Text sent to player when the player tries to talk to the NPC with the quest active but incomplete. (The text under the "Progress" title in Wowhead.) You can use certain placeholders that will be filled in in-game: $B - line break, $N - name, $R - race, $C - class, $Gmale:female; (male and female can be replace with any synonymn you want, but the order must stay the same. IE: boy:girl / man:woman / sir:madam / dude:chick)


Used only when SpecialFlags 2 is active. This is the objective text sent to the player describing the external event that is required to complete the quest.


Used to define non-standard objective texts, that show up in the questlog.
Example, "Heal fallen warrior" and the number gets added by Count values.


Item_template Id of required item to complete the quest.


Amount of required items


Item ID that is needed indirectly by the quest. For example, the quests asks for item X but the only way to get item X is by activating item Y; however, item Y is also a quest item. Therefore you set item Y's ID in this field. This requirement will not appear in the quest text, it is just for the core to know when to drop a quest item that isn't in the ReqItemID field but is still needed by the quest.


The maximum number of copies of the item in ReqSourceID that can be picked up (and dropped by the core).


Value > 0: required creature_template ID the player needs to kill/cast on in order to complete the quest.
Value < 0: required gameobject_template ID the player needs to cast on in order to complete the quest.
If ReqSpellCast is != 0, the objective is to cast on target, else kill.
NOTE: If ReqSpellCast is != 0 and the spell has effects Send Event or Quest Complete, this field may be left empty.


The number of times the creature or gameobject must be killed or casted upon.


Spell ID of Spell that needs to be cast in order to fulfill a quest objective.
A spell normally needs a target which is ReqCreatureOrGOId
And for spells with "SpellEffect with ImpliciteTargetA-B == 38" check table Spell_script_target
NOTE: If the spell has spell effects Send Event or Quest Complete, it can be entered here WITHOUT the need for a target and count.

RewChoiceItemId, RewChoiceItemCount

Id of item available for reward choice.
Number of Charges in rewarded item available.

RewItemId, RewItemCount

Number of RewItem
item Id given for reward (no choice).

RewRepFaction, RewRepValue

Faction Id (from Faction.dbc) for which the quest give reputation points.
Number of gain or lost reputation points for Faction at quest completion.
This is special reputation rewarding. Normal reputation reward to quest rewarding creature faction calculated and added automatically.


Number of honorable kill honor rewarded for completing this quest.

An example value is 15 for quest 8388: At level 70 an honorable kill is 20.9 honor worth. Multiply this with 15 and you receive 313.5, after the multiplication the value is rounded up. So the honor rewarded at level 70 is 314 for this quest.


Money earned by completing the quest (if value > 0). Money quest requirement (if value < 0).


The money a character at level 70 would get when they complete this quest. This field also controls the XP given as the XP is calculated from the value in this field by the following formula. If the quest is repeatable, XP will be given only once. The total XP that a character will receive is also affected by the level difference between the character's level and the quest's level.

The formula for calculating XP from the value in this field:
QuestLevel >= 65: XP = RewMoneyMaxLevel / 6.0
QuestLevel == 64: XP = RewMoneyMaxLevel / 4.8
QuestLevel == 63: XP = RewMoneyMaxLevel / 3.6
QuestLevel == 62: XP = RewMoneyMaxLevel / 2.4
QuestLevel == 61: XP = RewMoneyMaxLevel / 1.2
QuestLevel <= 60: XP = RewMoneyMaxLevel / 0.6


Spell that is shown to be casted on quest completion in the quest log. Note that this spell will NOT be casted if RewSpellCast is non-zero. The spell in the other field will be casted instead, in which case the spell here only serves as the visual in the quest log.
NOTE: This field comes straight from the WDB and should not be changed.


Spell that will always be casted at player when completing the quest. This can be learn spell and player learned some spell in result, or buff spell, for example. If this field is non-zero then this spell will ALWAYS be casted and the spell in RewSpell will not.
NOTE: This field comes straight from the WDB and should not be changed.


If the quest gives as a reward an item from a possible list of items, the ID here corresponds to the proper loot template in quest_mail_loot_template. According to the rules in that loot template, items "looted" will be sent by mail at the completion of the quest.


How many seconds to wait until the mail is sent to the character that turned in a quest rewarding items from a loot template defined in RewMailTemplateId


MapId of a quest point of interest (POI - Point Of Interest). POI will be shown on the map when quest is active.


X coordinate of quest POI.


Y coordinate of quest POI.




Emote played by the related NPC at the time all quest objects are completed.


Emote played by the NPC at the time the character is rewarded for the quest.


ID of the start script. See


ID of the end script. See